Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You're Still Here? It's Over!

The title's my favorite line from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It was the first time I can remember sticking around through a movie's credits, and the scene still makes me laugh out loud.

The "with which movie character do you most identify" generated some interesting comments. Among them:

My friend
Hoyt says:

"I've been thinking of the movie character with whom I most identify, and after much consideration I'm going to go with Greg Focker from "Meet the Parents." I'm sure there are other characters I might think of if I had another month to consider, but Greg best typifies my experiences with my in-laws, especially as it involves the religious issues. Of course, my father-in-law has never hooked me up to a lie detector machine--yet, but I know I would fail if he asked me the same questions DeNiro asked Greg. "

Now I gotta go back and read the script to find out what those lie detector questions were. (Although, I seem to recall one was about porn.)

Willy D said...

"I like Slater from Dazed And Confused. Check ya later man."

By the way, thanks for stopping in Willy D. And say "hey" again sometime, dude.

Elvis Drinkmo, a blogger whose talent I really admire, asked:

"What was the name of the movie where Danny DeVito played an unemployed college graduate who ended up teaching an adult learning class or something? That's the one character I always felt like I could relate to."

I had to look that one up, Elvis. It was Renaissance Man. (Not one of Danny's best.)

My WV Blogger Board tape mix parter
Rebecca Burch says:

"I probably identify with Molly Ringwold's character from "The Breakfast Club" a lot. I wasn't the most popular girl in the school like Claire Standish, but I had a very sheltered childhood, and I was somewhat of an over-achiever-good-girl. A Saturday spent in detention would have totally ruined my life.

I wish I would have been just a little more like her foil, Allison Reynolds (played by Ally Sheedy.) Allison was a free spirit to a fault. She was flaky (literally... as illustrated by the "snow scene" in which she uses her own dandruff to create the snowing effect) and a compulsive liar, but she was comfortable in her own skin. She knew she was weird and played it up just to see what people would do.

I wouldn't want to have been that far out of control in high school, but I wish I had had been more comfortable with who I was in high school. Looking back, I was a pretty cool chick, but I spent way too much time worrying about what other people thought of me."

Man, didn't we all.

Don't Print This blogger Bill Lynch says he most identifies with:

"Jerome Morrow from Gattaca. The character really becomes the thing he wants through sheer determination."

I'd expect nothing less from Bill.

All Click adds, with his he-sure-sounds-smart British accent:

"I say this a lot, but Peter Gibbons from Office Space is who I identify with. It's like they filmed my life for a year and my thoughts and then brought in some actors to play it out.

...Oh, and
Batman..the new kick ass Batman. That's sooo me."

You wish!

Rebecca, who blogs at
J and C and Me, says:

"I think I'm going with Bridget Jones. Because she's flighty, goofy, and always saying the wrong thing."

You, always saying the wrong thing? I'd have never thunk it. Now, "goofy" on the other hand... :)

And my friend Jackie, from Saved By The Torso says he identifies with Porter, from Payback:

I can really relate to his his singlemindedness in that movie. Whether it's work, a relationship, or even some project around around the house whenever I get something in my head it stays there. All other thoughts or ideas are burnt away by my dogged insistence to stay the course and finish what I started...for the good or bad. Some people call it stubborness, but I choose to look at it as "doing what you say you're gonna do". There's a sign at work says '"Success is usually determined by your ability to stick to your plan no matter what." That pretty much sums me up, and hence my character choice..."Porter".

It's a terrific philosphphy to live by. (I wish more people did.)

Thanks folks! That was lotsa fun. Now, go home!


Jackie Lantern said...

Excellent post! Thanks for letting me contribute :D

The Film Geek said...

Shucks, Jackie, you guys did all the work. Thanks for the heavy lifting! :)