Saturday, November 03, 2007

28 Weeks Later

Peeking through fingers,
And asking, "What just happened?"
Seemed to annoy her.

"Why aren't you watching?"
She says, glued to the telly.
"It's really quite good."

"Did you just sound Brit?"
I ask, cov'ring my head more.
She's infected, too?

"Just wait 'til later,
When the light's out, and all's still.
Then you will find out

She meant it to scare
And it should have worked, except
I found it 'rousing!


jedijawa said...

I didn't see the first one but I saw this one and really thought it was good ... and it made me jump.

The Film Geek said...

Jedi: Kristy loves them. Me? Not so much, although I do like they way they are produced. But she says the first one and this sequel are the best modern horror films, to her.

Jackie said...

Ha! We just watched this last night...and really liked it. I haven't seen the end yet so don't spoil me!

Badass Haiku b'the way :D

Anonymous said...

I am huge horror movie fan. The first one, 28 days later is the one of the best I have ever seen. 28 weeks later does not disappoint either.

Hoyt said...

Jelly-filled and I loved this flick, too, especially the music during the opening scene. In fact, other than the Halloween theme, the score from 28 Weeks is probably my favorite horror theme ever.

Jackie said...

Funny you mentioned that Hoyt. I kept thinking how the music was a throwback to the "Dawn of the Dead" soundtrack...which is awesome!

Rebecca said...

Yeah, no way I will be watching this (I get freaked out too easy and the hubby is even worse than me!) but that is one awesome Haiku!

All Click said...

hehe didn't I tell ya she would love this? *I* even enjoyed this movie and I'm not a horror fan, but I had to admire the directors work. Great, great stuff and an awesome sound track!