Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cornapopia....Corpuponia....Cornuplethera.... Damn It!! It's A Horn Of Plenty

Yeah, I know. Thanksgiving posts are stereotypical crap, a level-and-a-half below memes. I've been told bloggers are supposed to be better--more creative--than that.

C'mon, seriously: have you seen
some of my posts?

Look, you can't get past a holiday designed for reflection without this annual post from me. If you don't like it, go read something else.

As a person I consider a best friend suggests, we often wait until it's too late to tell people important to us that they are. Important to us, that is. Thanksgiving seems like the time to do that, and to remind ourselves to notice the small things we sometimes take for granted.

My family is healthy, and (for the most part) smart and happy.

In fact, it's more than I deserve.

I'm grateful for the love and friendship of my wife, and that she has become more patient with me as we've grown up together. We laugh now more than we ever did, and we understand each other better now than at any other time in our relationship.

I'm reminded every day of why I fell in love with her.

(Note: Blogger lost the Mickie and Minnie pictures I posted originally, and since they came from someone else's camera I didn't have them to replace. So, I replaced them with these: one of Mrs. Film Geek at the start of day of fishing--which she digs, and I don't--and one of the kids at Animal Kingdom.)

My kids make me smile every day, even on the days we make each other frown. The level of stress that comes with raising small children is surpassed only by the love and joy that comes with raising small children.

My kids make me a better person.

I've developed friendships--including blogger-world friendships--that are long-lasting, and rewarding. Some of the bloggers I've met here have gone out of their way to be helpful and friendly, and in ways I never expected. Whether it's dropping a CD mix in the mail to me, inviting me regularly to lunch, listening to me ramble at the Frost-top, letting me win in a friendly game of darts, driving ninety minutes to give me some much needed advice or simply leaving comments on things I've written here: please know I've noticed.

For those friendships and personal connections, I'm humbled and appreciative.

Enjoy the turkey or ham, and fill up on great food. Don't forget to dig deep into the main course of Thanksgiving, though: those people in your life for whom you care, and those who care about you.

In addition to football, it's what the whole day is about.


Buzzardbilly said...

Very nice post. We'll be having both the turkey and the ham (followed by the overeating indigestion and a round of triptophan-induced comalike sleep). Yay for holidays that say "take stock of what you have to be thankful for, then eat like mad".

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm glad you didn't forget the football. ;-) I'm a Thanksgiving vegetarian (I don't like ham or turkey, but both will be on the table, thanks to Heavenly Ham).

I hope you and your family have a lovely day!

primalscreamx said...

Have a good one, dude.

Hoyt said...

I'm grateful, too, for our friendship, TFG.

Happy Thanksgiving!

jennyville said...

And pies. Don't forget the pies.

Great post, man. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jelly-Filled said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jackie said...

Damn, that was a great post.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family The.

Now I'm headed downstairs take my dart game to the next level! :D

The Film Geek said...

Hey Buzzardbilly and ETW: Thanks,and have a great turkey day! Eat lots of cranberry!

Bill: You too, man, and thank. I'll never forget a very generous offer you made me once a year-plus ago about a gift for my anniversary. It meant a lot then, and still does now.

Hoyt: You are the man! Really.

Thanks Jenny, and Jelly-Filled. And please, more pie if it looks as good as the one on Jenny's blog.

Happy T-Day to you and your family, Jackie. Skip the darts and play a couple more tunes on that guitar. I could listen to those kids laugh all day.

Barbie Girl said...

I'm a little late in the game but hope the geek family had a teriffic Thanksgiving.

All Click said...

Hey, happy thanksgiving mate!

Lunch sometime before christmas?