Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Film Scenes That Matter: Midnight Cowboy

Joe Buck and Ratzo Rizzo form an awkward friendship, based mostly in the one thing they have in common: the desire each has to be someone and something they aren't.

This is the way great movies should end.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

This is such a great movie. You feel such compassion yet shame for Joe Buck - he's so naive. The Evil Twin and I have watched this one often.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Danny gut.

Spike Nesmith said...

Three down and nobody's said, "hey, I'm bloggin' here!" yet? I'm disappointed.

So the story goes, that line was a natural reaction to something that wasn't in the script. Hoffman really did nearly get run over!

The Film Geek said...

Spike: LOL. I expected it too. I looked hard for that clip, but could only find a 4 second version of it it Spanish. And yeah, in interviews Hoffman says the cab wasn't supposed to be there and it was an ad lib. And a brilliant one! How many times have you seen other films pay tribute to it?

Hey Anonymous: Two words. Pepto-Bismol. (Or is that one?)

ETW: I gotcha! That's what Anonymous means with the Danny Gut comment. She felt it too!. (Search this site using "Danny Gut" and you'll see what she is talking about.)