Thursday, November 15, 2007

Whatever Happened To... The Cast Of The Bugaloos

Even after 499 blog posts, "Whatever Happened To..." still cuts more notches on the Sitemeter than anything else I've written. Whether its people looking for Meeno Paluci, folks trying to find porn titles that starred Wonderbug's Jack Baker, searches for "that bee girl in the Blind Melon video" or people just curious about what happened to Mr. Moose, a couple handfuls of new people stop by The Film Geek each day to find out what happened to important people from their youth.

That saddens me. Hell, most of the time I'm making that stuff up!

Anyway, it seems fitting that for Number 500 I add to the list. Don't put too much stock in this one, either. It might be true, but I doubt it.

The Sid & Marty Krofft children's show aired original episodes during the 1970-1971 television season, then re-ran them during the following year. The Bugaloos--a musical band of tiny, insect-like people--sang and pranced throughout Tranquility Forrest while engaged in misadventures by outsmarting Benita Bizarre.

Harmony, Courage, Joy and I.Q. lived an exciting, almost psychedelic existence during the first year of the show. The good life was filled with drugs, free sex and money. And lots of each! Although the miniature musicians played peace-loving beatniks on the tube, in real life they were selfish, egotistical and greedy.
The actor who played "Nutty Bird" on the show said once in an interview that the Bugaloo set was a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, and that he felt dirty every time he stepped foot on the set. All the excess soon destroyed The Bugaloos, and the series ended after airing only 17 original episodes.

The cast parted ways, and rarely kept in contact.

Harmony became a roadie for the pop band Air Supply, and could once in a while be heard playing a haunting melody on keyboards late into the night, long after the concert had ended. Sadly, Harmony was never seen again after Air Supply's biggest hit, All Out Of Love. It's theorized that the little bumblebee became so frightened of the spotlight that she simply walked away from the on-coming fame.

Courage went into the antiques business, and owns a store called "The Ladybug's Nest."

Joy, the little butterfly that could, lived for several years in a commune. Because she loved nature and desired psychological enlightenment, Joy created and ran one of the largest psychedelic 'shroom businesses on the west coast. She was last seen living in a tent in Bakersfield, California.

I.Q. lived up to his name: he developed an Internet gaming system based on The Bugaloos and their music, and made a fortune.

At least, that's what I've heard...


Anonymous said...

I cannot say that I am surprised at the content of your post, but I am a bit surprised that you actually posted it. Before blogging, I could take some comfort in knowing that your episodes of "creativity" occurred mainly in the privacy of our own home. I could sit back and think "if they only knew" before blogs, but now they know. Since your weirdness is one of the things I adore most about you,none of this really changes anything for me. Good luck with the general public, buddy.
That said, you did not fully complete your research on this one, buster. But I did.
1. Nutty Bird did feel dirty when he walked on the set. But, you left out the fact that he liked it. He also required that everyone where their insect wings during cast and crew orgies.
2. Joy was last seen in OUR backyard, which probably helps people reading this make sense of some things.
3. You were right about Courage.
4. I.Q. did live up to his name. However, it was not through his Bugaloo Internet Gaming System. It was through his XXX videos, particularly the Boogabutt, Boobaloo and Bootaloo series.
5. To most, (specifically those who did not follow the work of IQ, as I did) it appeared that Harmony walked away from the fame. This is not true. She embraced the fame of her earlier Air Supply years and called in a favor (she was owed many) of I.Q. She went on to star in Boogabutt II, Boobaloo, The Original, and Bootaloo III. She is currently working on Boogaliscious, and called in some favors (and she was owed many) of her Air Supply buddies to do the soundtrack.

The Film Geek said...


Hiya, honey! :)

Anonymous said...

I just read online letters posted from two of the former Bugaboos and none of what you've reported seems to fit into the letters they've recently posted about themselves. Are you SURE that what you're reported on them is correct?

The Film Geek said...

Did you read this part of the post:

"That saddens me. Hell, most of the time I'm making that stuff up!

Anyway, it seems fitting that for Number 500 I add to the list. Don't put too much stock in this one, either. It might be true, but I doubt it."