Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fresh Ground Pepper

Someone keeps stealing the salt and pepper shakers from my office break room...

It's not that big a deal, I suppose, but I sure miss those seasonings. I love salt, particularly, and every once in a while--especially on a
big ol' slaw dog--I love lots of pepper.


Yesterday I mentioned the Seasoning Thief to the receptionist, asking who she thinks may be the culprit. Swear to god, three shakers have been taken in the last month! I'm so angry about it, that if my blood was at it's usual saltiness, I might have some sort of stroke.

Thankfully, I've been salt-less for a while.

Anyway, I said to the lady at the front desk:
"At least this time the Seasoning Thief left the pepper."

Her reply? "What do you mean?"

"Well, he or she took the salt, but left the pepper." I not only have seen the pepper shaker sitting beside the microwave for the past week or so, I'd used it on several occasions. For my soup, on a hot dog from the cafeteria where I work and sprinkled over a garden salad I'd picked up on a day I pretended to eat healthy.

The pepper shaker looked like one of these.

It didn't shake out easily, and I presumed it was just all gunked up. I had to shake it. Real. Hard.

The front desk lady looked confused, and I suddenly realized I was involved in a conversation I didn't fully understand.

Happens all the time.

I walked next door, picked up the pepper shaker and walked back to the front desk. I showed her the shaker, while giving her a how-dare-you-doubt-me glare.

"Oh," she said softly. "You mean the Brita filter replacement."

Excuse me. I think I got a piece of charcoal in my teeth...


fishing guy said...

TFG: Now I must say I did laugh out loud at this one. This had to be true. You just couldn't make it up. Great story.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

LOL!!! Gross!

You need to bring your own S&P and squirrel them away in a desk drawer, so no one can steal them.

RedZeppelin said...

Ha! That's awesome. We have a Brita pitcher so I recognized the filters right away.

All Click said...

Ms Allclick got a real kick out of this story last night. You do know that the white granules in the packets aren't salt?

Anonymous said...

wow. just wow. -cara

Route 75 said...