Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Comic Book Lady

I bet I shopped at Comic World, in Huntington, WV, for ten years before I knew the owner's name was Kathleen Miller. "The Comic Book Lady" was what we all called her, even when referring to her in conversations with other people.

Wanna get me a cool gift certificate for my birthday? "See the Comic Book Lady at Comic World," I'd tell the person ponying up the gift.

Hoping to unload a couple stashes of comics, because the collection is getting out of hand? "Wonder what The Comic Book Lady will give me for this issue?"

Kathleen Miller was always friendly, and forever polite. But in an endearing sort of way, she was simply The Comic Book Lady to me and my friends.

Turns out TCBL has the actin' bug!

Kathleen and Comic World employee Shayne Barker have completed shooting and production on The Comic Book Lady, a fictional dark comedy about the life of, well...the comic book lady. Shot in black and white, the film has been selected for the International Film Festival in England and the San Antonio Film Festival. Both screenings will occur later in June.

According to the story written by Paul Sebert of the Huntington Herald-Dispatch, "The movie was based on a lot of different things that happen working in retail," Miller said. "You meet a lot of interesting people. I always joke that I was going to write a book, 'Another Day in the Life of the Comic Book Lady,' but then we just sort of had the idea to make a movie. This is entirely fictional. Nothing's really real other than the fact I own a comic shop."

Now, here's the coolest part: Harvey Pekar, of American Splendor fame, traveled to Huntington to play a role in the flick.

The trailer can been seen on the film's MySpace page.

UPDATE: The folks at Comic World have added as second trailer to their Myspace page. Also, a detailed and very positive review, by a real film professional, is available at Messages By Light. The blog's author also has an embeded interview with the film's writer/director, Shayne Barker.


oncee said...

This is very cool, but I wonder why they never to show this movie in West Virginia.

RedZeppelin said...

I need to visit her place. There hasn't been a comic shop in the Charleston area for years now. Sad.

I really need to unload all these comics sitting around in boxes.

The Film Geek said...

Oncee: It is really cool. And I think they missed some deadlines, it wasn't finished until just a month or so ago. My guess is it will hit the Appalachian festivals next year.

Redzeppelin: Give me a yell if you stop by. I'll buy you a cup of coffee and show you around the joint.

Route 75 said...

Dude. That's awesome! Remember when you thought she'd be pissed when you bailed and went to Iowa without canceling all the comics you got? LOL.

I just went to add her as a friend on myspace. I bet she won't add me because I haven't been down there to pick up my comics for almost a year. :(

Brian said...

There are actually two comic shops in the Charleston area. One in St. Albans and one in Kanawha City.

Teresa C. said...

My husband's in that shop every week, and Kathleen is the sweetest. She actually had a couple of Comic signed by Harvey that I bought my husband for christmas... she didn't mark them up at all because they were signed.

Everyone who gets a chance should stop in.

Haha, I can't wait to see this film!

The Film Geek said...

Hey, Teresa: Have him say hi to the goofy Film Geeky-looking guy next Wednesday! :)

Thanks for stopping by.