Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

Reuters brings news that a new superhero slash music-themed cartoon is in the works: J-Stash.

And yes, it's about John Oates' mustache.

Some tidbits from the story:

"The show would portray Oates as a modern-day family man who finds himself enticed back to the rock-star life by his mustache, which is voiced by comedian Dave Attell."

"In a cartoon setting, the mustache has its own personality," Oates says from Aspen, Colorado, where he's finishing his latest solo album. "Just as I'm represented as the John Oates of today, the mustache is the John Oates of yesterday. The focus of the music will be on the back catalog, but it's an open-ended situation. There's even talk of the mustache trying to bring new bands into the picture."

The pilot, currently in production, has "Oates opening a new wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that focuses on mustachioed musicians. Suddenly, a dying David Crosby appears, and with his last breath warns Oates of a mysterious secret group of mustache wearers bent on killing other mustache wearers. As actor Tom Selleck attempts to escape from the latest murder scene, Oates summons his own mustache with a fist pump that simultaneously changes his clothes from conservative attire to tight pink pants and white boots."


Stanton said...

Are you sure you didn't mean to post this on The Jacknut Chronicles? It would fit right in.

jennyville said...

Hah. Well... it has potential, *if* done properly.

Tor Hershman said...

Moi's 'stash' would rule that foo's stash.

Stay on groovin' safari,

The Film Geek said...

I missed the opportunity, Stanton. It is rather jacknutilicious.

Jenny: Too many jokes...too many jokes. LOL

Yep, Tor. Yours take the prize for superhero mustachio.