Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Top 5: Reasons I Wanted To Believe

I loved The X-Files. For all the reasons you did, and more. My ass was in the seat every Friday (and later, Sunday) night, tuned in to that show on the fledgling Fox station.

Here's My Top 5: Reasons I Wanted To Believe.

My massive crush on Gillian Anderson, which grew only stronger each week while watching Skully cling to her skepticism while facing aliens, and staring down inbred freaks hidden under the bed. It was just. so. cute.

The Cigarette Smoking Man.

My wife's massive crush on David Duchovny, which grew stronger each week as he strutted through scenes with an air of confidence and coolness I had only for a three-week period during the summer of '82.

The cool I Want To Believe poster that hung in Mulder's office. I tried once to find one on-line as a Valentine's gift for my wife. I couldn't find the exact one. I think I got her an envelope opener instead. (What?!? It was a brass envelope opener, motherfucker!)

The Lone Gunmen. Now, this was a club I could belong to. Maybe even be the President of.

The complex, inter-woven plot lines and conspiracies. It was Lost before Lost was cool.

(Oops, that's 6 reasons! See what I mean? It was a great, great show!)

The X-Files: I Want To Believe opens this Friday, ten years after the release of the first X-Files flick, and six years after the TV series went belly-up.

My Top 5 Reasons To See The New Flick?

Sadly, I can't think of even one... I may be over this one.


Ian C. said...

I'm not very excited about this either, despite there being a point in my life when The X-Files was easily my favorite thing on TV.

It doesn't bother me that the story will be "stand-alone," rather than addressing the mythology, because I don't think Chris Carter ever had an idea how he wanted to end this thing. To me, it was like a scam that he pulled on the show's fans.

And in terms of box office, X-Files is going to be swallowed whole by the The Dark Knight.

Buzzardbilly said...

It was a great, great show. If I thought the movie was going to be more like the first couple of seasons (stories of weirdness more often than "black eyes" episodes), I'd be running to see it fast.

I'll definitely watch it sooner or later though. It's supposedly set in WV (though shot in was the series).

Jackie said...

Wasn't there already an X-Files movie? Fight the Future or something like that? I remember Oasis was on the soundtrack... :D