Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ruins

During my late teens and early twenties I had a series of strange, surreal dreams that had a recurring theme: in each, I was covered top to bottom with small, white "potato-eye" looking buds that grew out of my skin. As I'd wipe off or break off a bud, another one grew in it's place.

Bigger, thicker and harder to get rid of.

People in my dreams didn't seem to notice my dilemma, and when I'd point out to them the bizarre vegetation covering my body, they'd suggest I was over-reacting. If I'd just be calm, they said, it would all be OK. I never calmed, and it was never OK. In my dreams these "potato-eye" looking things took over my body, completely covering me from head to toe.

What's that you said about my need for control, Dr. Freud?


The Ruins reminded me of my old series of dreams. The movie, which tells the story of twenty-somethings who stumble upon the ruins of a centuries-old Mayan temple, employs intelligent, killer vegetation that craves and consumes human blood as a main plot device.
But that's where the similarities between the movie and my dreams end.

Because my dreams were more entertaining, more suspenseful and scarier than this movie!


Read Me said...

I'm afraid to go to sleep now.

The Film Geek said...


Yeah, my dreams were much scarier than this flick!

Read Me said...

You're not going to believe this, but once, about 22 years ago, I had a similar dream except that it was just one spot on my hand that did that. It was only limited to that one spot. There was this toxic white powder stuff inside the spot on my hand. The unbelievable part of it, of course, is that I haven't forgotten that. It was pretty disturbing at the time.

nico said...

when i was 4, my mom took me to the circus. a clown waved to me from the floor and then proceeded to climb up a bunch of seats towards me, stepping all over these random people, just to give me a balloon. then i think he whispered something in my ear about eating me in my sleep. i could have made that last part up, but the rest of it is true and way scarier of a memory than in ruins was of a movie.