Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Film Scenes That Matter: Rain Man

An incredibly poignant scene, starring my all-time favorite character actor, Dustin Hoffman.

I met Hoffman briefly after attending the world premier of Rain Man in 1988, and was moved by how much the Raymond Babbitt character meant to him at the time.


Hoyt said...

Hoffman's one of my favorite actors, too, and Rainman is one of his best--if not best--films.

Although it's not nearly as poignant, I dig the casino scenes. 8)

The Film Geek said...

Ha! If only you knew how many times I've heard the "ever been to vegas to count cards" line since 1988.

Jackie said...

My high-school went to see this at the theater when it came out. I got about 20 minutes in...and fell asleep. I'd stayed up the night before watching "Return of the Living Dead". Now that's got some film scenes that matter!!!


The Film Geek said...