Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Jacknut Chronicles' Sunday Edition: "He Tasered Me Because It Was My Birthday"

Despite East Bank (WV)Police Chief Jess Inclenrock's instruction of: "Don't play games with a Taser," city police officer Steve Smith did just that. In a case of friendly-Taser-fire, Smith stung his friend, a local firefighter:

"He Tasered me because it was my birthday," the firefighter said, adding that his back was turned when Smith used the Taser on him."

Celebrating birthdays by Taser isn't the only way Smith enjoys a good laugh. He knows a pregnant woman can take a good electrically-charged joke as well as anyone.

"Candice White, 18, told the council she was sitting on her porch when Smith, a friend of her mother's at the time, showed up.

"He was just playing around. He [used the Taser] on my leg three times, then again. It left star marks on my body," White said.

White said she told him to stop and smacked at the Taser. White said she was pregnant when the incident occurred."

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