Thursday, September 11, 2008

Say It Ain't So, MoJo!

I'm pulling my hair out over the recent Cambridge study that shows West Virginia is the most stressed-out state in America!

Let's see...

Poor overall health? Check.

Sky-high numbers of heart disease and cancer? Check.

Infrequent or less than needed amounts of exercise? Check.

Less time and opportunity for social interaction? Uh...Check.

Damn, my Stress-O-Meter is off the hook!

Here's hoping there's an amicus brief in the works. Please, MoJo, please! Please tell me help is on the way!


    Hoyt said...

    Sheesh, you would think he could at least loan us use of one of his 12 flat-screen Tvs to watch college football to relieve all our stress! 8)

    All Click said...

    I hear Gov Joe is giving out free back rubs on the capitol steps every Friday at 4pm.

    Be there or be squuarreee.

    Anonymous said...

    Do they come with a happy ending?