Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Finding Meeno

My thanks to April!

A little more than a couple years ago, I posted my first "Whatever Happened To..." after a mid-afternoon get-together with my friend Hoyt. We spent some time that day talking about Voyagers, one of the best television shows from our youth, and wondering whatever became of it's child star, Meeno Peluce.

I wrote the post mostly to rid myself of the mental obsession.

Since that time, "whatever happened to meeno peluce" has been the #1 search phrase for people who stumble onto my blog. Sure, at Christmas time "whatever happened to peter billingsley" gives Meeno a run for his money, but throughout the year people are still curious about the kid from that show who fixed problems with time.

April was kind enough to let me know Meeno is quite a talented photographer these days, and linked me up with his photo web page ( to prove it. The photo site also has a quick link to his blog. It's accomplished work, at least to my untrained eye.

Now if Meeno would just stop by and say hey...


All Click said...

Now tell long have you been waiting to use that blog topic "Finding Meeno"? :-p

Hoyt said...

I enjoy your "Whatever Happened To" posts. Someday, I hope you'll do one on Lance Kerwin. 8)

Buzzardbilly said...

Very cool that you've found Meeno and he's doing so well. My number one blog search generally has to do with incestuous relations or skytriss or Freddie Mercury. Except the other day. The other day's post about the brother-sister redneck wedding on CMT brought 200 hits just on that. People were more than curious, yet only a handful commented. LOL