Friday, December 05, 2008

Get Smart

Get Smart's funnier
Than The Brady Bunch, I guess.
But not The Nude Bomb.


RedZeppelin said...

Holy flashbacks, Batman! I had forgotten all about The Nude Bomb! I remember watching that on cable as a young'un and giggling.

I've been curious about Get Smart even though I hate remakes. Probably because Carell is amusing and Hathaway is hot.

The Film Geek said...

I liked Get Smart, Red. I thought Carell did homage to Don Adams without trying to be Adams. Hathaway was a good straight[ahem]man.

I loved The Nude Bomb!

Spike Nesmith said...

I didn't even know The Nude Bomb existed until a few nights ago when it appeared on an oddball satellite channel. I flipped past it and said "gawd, he's awful like Don Adams"...

@RedZeppelin you might want to get yourself a criminal record. Or, at the very least, be indicted in something big. I hear she likes white-collar bad boys.