Saturday, February 07, 2009


The Wanted DVD rested on my TV stand for weeks. I went out of my way to watch anything but the flick during that time, because I just knew I'd hate it.

Curving bullets.

Slow-mo action telling the story instead of a solid verbal narrative.

Angelina Jolie.

You know what I mean: even Morgan Freeman in a supportive role couldn't get me stoked up for this flick. But, I was wrong. Wanted was awesome, despite featuring the most over-rated female actor working today.

Much of the reason Wanted works is its lead, James McAvoy. The protagonist, his Wesley Gibson is doubly cursed: he's a schlep, and he's self-aware enough to recognize it.

A loser who knows he's a loser.

Now, that's something with which I can identify.

See, I can't identify with bullets that curve, an army of explosive mice or hanging all day with a beautiful tattooed chick that kills for a living. I can't wrap my brain around assassins who have preternatural abilities, or looms that determine who lives or dies.

But James McAvoy is so good at his nerd-to-hero transition that I can believe it. The surreal plot is possible after all. Like McAvoy, I too could transform my life. I can rise from this Lazy-Boy, put down the laptop and transform myself into something greater than I am now!

Wonder if I can cause Doritos to curve from outta the bag to my mouth...


Hoytster said...

I just have to say that I can totally identify with anyone who uses the word schlep. But you know that. 8)

Read Me said...

Yikes! Wanted was the worst movie I saw in 2008!