Friday, March 20, 2009

Sonqs I REmemBer Whn I'm Drunck


All Click said...

Sadly, one of the songs I remember when I'm drunk is Phil Collins, Against all odds.

Jackie said...

I'm waay too drunk to listen to that sad shit.
You need to listen to this:

Yeah, I'm diggin' some 1987 :D

Buzzardbilly said...

For some reason I tend toward the show tunes (as the notorious birfday Peter Pan post showed), though generally I go more with the "Hey Big Spender" or "Get Happy" (as in Judy singing "forget your troubles come on get happy we're gonna chase all the blues away) type of thing. Often the singing is accompanied by dance.

I sing like Loretta Lynn with strep throat and I dance much like Peter Boyle's take on the Monster in "Young Frankenstein." You can see where the not drinking thing is preferred by all who know me.

Anonymous said...

**sigh** I cannot watch this video/hear this song. Somehow I dropped it into my Work Playlist on the ipod and was all OMG TEARS...not really professional to say the least.