Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The One Where I Call Joe Jackson A Prick

In case you were curious how Michael Jackson's strange perspective on himself and the world developed, here's a 4 minute and 12 second tutorial.

I wasn't a fan of Jackson, but I am a fan of the concept of family. Joe Jackson should be ashamed...


Paige said...

Calling him a "prick" gives pricks a bad name.

Spike Nesmith said...

Oooh, that headline turned up on my Good reader and I was about to come on here and claim that them was fightin' words.

...but then I realised we were talking about different Joe Jacksons.

The Film Geek said...

True, Paige. True.

Spike: I don't know if that Joe Jackson ( I presume you mean the British musician, not the old-school baseball player) is a prick or not. I have a pretty good idea this one is, though.

Chris James said...

But Ranch Records, they have Blue Ray!

I bet he read Al Hendrix's book "How To Milk a Dead Goat."

Anonymous said...

Glad that I'm not the only who hates that bastardly dad of Michael. He should be called Blowjoe (Blowjob Joe), Joejob (Joe Blowjob), and Joehard (Joe Blowhard) because of all the crap that he gave his son.

Anonymous said...

Here are other nicknames to call Joe:

1. Joe Jack Offson

2. Joe Mama Jackson

3. Joe Jerkson

4. Joe Jerk Offson

5. Joe Jackshit

6. Joe Prickson

7. Joe Jacksuck

8. Joe Fuckson

9. Joe Jacksap

10. Joe Jackson of a bitch

11. Joe Jackstupid

12. Joe Jackstink

13. Blow Jackson

14. Blowhard Jackson

15. Blowjob Jackson

16. Joe Crapson

17. Joe Jackhead (Jack Crackhead)

18. Joe Crackheadson

19. Joe Jack Me Off

20. Joe Jerk Me Off

21. Joe Dickson

22. Joe Dickheadson

23. Joe Dickwipe-son

24. Joe Cockson

25. Joe Cocksuckerson

26. Joe Jasshole (Jackson Asshole)

27. Joe Jastard (Jackson Bastard)

28. Joe Douchebackson (Douchebag Jackson)

29. Joe Fackson (Fag Jackson)

30. Joe Faggot

31. Joe Hard-Asson (Hard-Ass Jackson)

32. Joe Smart-Asson (Smart-Ass Jackson)

33. Joe Tight-asson (Tight-Ass Jackson)

34. Joe Candy-Asson (Candy-Ass Jackson)

35. Joe Wise-Asson (Wise-Ass Jackson)

36. Jig Jackson

37. Joe Jigson (Jig Jackson)

38. Joe Jackass

39. Joe Jerkass

40. Joe Jerkasson (Jerkass Jackson)

41. Jerk Jackson

42. Jackass Jackson

43. Jack Off Jackson

44. Jerk Off Jackson

45. Joe Jack Horny

46. Joe Kiss-Asson (Kiss Jackson)

47. Joe Lard-Asson (Lard-ASs Jackson)

48. Joe Prickson (Prick Jackson)

49. Joe Putzon (Putxz Jackson)

50. Joe Hard-On

51. Joe Jaquiff (Jackson Quiff)

Anonymous said...

Here are more nicknames to call Joe:

1. Joe Jackswipe (Jackson Asswipe)

2. Joe Jackhole (Jackass Asshole)

3. Joe Jerk-Off

4. Joe Nut Son (Nut Sack Jackson)

5. Blowjobson

6. Joe Fellackson (Fellatio Jackson)

7. Joe Motherfuckson

8. Mofo (Motherfucker) Jackson

9. Asshole Jackson

10. Joe Jackshole

11. Joe Half-Asson (Half-Ass Jackson)

12. Joe Jackenshit (Jackson Chickenshit)