Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Jacknut Chronicles' Sunday Edition: Livin' The Jailhouse Blues

I don't mind bein' in jail, but I got to stay there so long, so long,
I don't mind bein' in jail, but I got to stay there so long, so long,
When every friend I have is done shook hands and gone
~ "Jailhouse Blues"

My friend Stanton [click the link to read the awesome WV Hot Dog Blog] heard da news, and stopped by tuh visit. He's a good friend like dat; my man Stanton cares.

Stanton: "How are you holding up, DTB? The news you were denied parole must upset you a great deal."

DTB: "You hittin' the nail on duh head, my man. When I got my 10 year sentence just a year ago, I sorta kinda figured I'd get me a parole after a year in duh joint. So, dis news hits hard. "

Stanton: "How is your health? Are you eating well?"

DTB: "Oh, hell yeah! Three squares, baby. Three! Dat's one of duh things I worried 'bout when I thought I'd get me a parole: where else am I gonna get my three squares? But after dis news, I gots no worries about that now."

Stanton: "Well, I'm glad you are eating well. Do they ever serve you hot dogs in jail?"

DTB: "A couple times a week, either for lunch or for dinner. Why"

Stanton: "Bandit--and I'm sorry to ask such a sensitive question at such an emotional time--what counts as "everything" on a hot dog here in prison?"

DTB: " Just duh usual, man. I load up with some mustard, onions, chili, slaw and catsup."

Stanton [wiping a small tear from his eye]: "I'm so sorry that you have to live this way, Bandit. So sorry you have to live with such undignified conditions."

DTB: "I feel ya, man, tanks for duh support. But I'm gonna be alright. I got plenty of time to put down some new beats and write down some rhymes that'll drop big when I get outta duh pokey. Take a listen."

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