Monday, September 21, 2009

A Moment Of Silence

It's with great sadness that I mention my long-time friend, Elvis Drinkmo, has passed on. Urban legend has it, and the DC Comictician On Star Trekiology has reported, that Elvis beamed aboard the Star Trek's Enterprise (the Picard-lead one) and flew off into some far away sector.

I dunno...all's I know is, I'm gonna miss him.

But, a new blog titled "F**cked Up World", authored by Wade D. Drasch, has recently started. I suppose it'll fill the void left by the death of Elvis.

Nah, I'm certain it will.


Wade D. Drasch said...

Thank you, Film Geek. The Reverend will always be with us and he would like everyone to know that Batgirl still has a message She'd like to share with you.

Chris James said...

I heard the Rev. Drinkmo was actually in spiritual form and was chilling with L. Ron Hubbard on a planet in the next galaxy over playing fusbol...

Wade D. Drasch said...

That's a gross exaggeration, Chris. The Reverend has done kicked Hubbard's ass on the fusbol table, he has moved on to challenging Joesph Smith.

moneytastesbad said...

Whoa! My heart dropped a little when I read the first line of this post.

Im gonna miss the Rev, but I'm glad the man who played the Rev on the Internet is still around.

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