Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Blind Slide

I saw a couple of blockbuster flicks (like Alice In Wonderland) and several Academy Award nominated movies (like Crazy Heart) during my Bret Farve-like retirement from The Film Geek. Johnny Depp was fun as The Mad Hatter, and Jeff Bridges earned the Oscar he won for his turn as Bad Blake.

The Blind Side, which was nominated for an Academy Award and for which Sandra Bullock won an Oscar, doesn't belong in the same discussion.

Sure, I guess The Blind Side is an inspirational story. But there were several problems I had with the movie. The production value reminded me of a Lifetime movie, while the story-line smacked of exploitation. Leigh Ann Touhy wasn't likable, Tim McGraw (as her husband) was bland and Quinton Aaron, who played Big Mike, seemed to have no real range.

As usual, the real-life story is much better than the flick.


All Click said...

I had the same thoughts. It was very uplifting (especially as I had watched "The Road" the night before) but I certainly didn't think it was Oscar worthy. There were few definitive scenes that would allow Bullock or Aaron to shine.

Oh and don't call him Big Mike :-p

Read Me said...

I had the same comparison to a Lifetime movie (more like a made-for-TV movie) about Crazy Heart. I could have skipped it.