Sunday, June 13, 2010


I gave Legion a chance because of it's religious theme, and because it had a pretty good cast. I dig end-of-times flicks, especially when there are archangels involved. I've always been fascinated by the legends of archangels from ancient writings.

They're bad-ass.

Bad-ass too, usually, are members of this cast. I really like the work of Dennis Quaid, and Lucas Black (the slow talking former kid from Sling Blade) always seems to give a terrific performance. Throw in Charles Dutton, from Roc, and it should be an above average cast.

Well, neither of my reasons panned out.

Legion suffers from a disconnected storyline, poorly written dialogue and illogical plot devices. The most ridiculous scene has archangel Gabriel swooping down and landing on top of a moving car, getting into a fight with the humans inside and losing.

He's an archangel, for Christ's sake! He ain't gonna get beaten up by a a couple of scared twenty-somethings on the run.

Skip Legion, and just watch over-and-over that scene used in trailers, the one where an elderly female customer in the diner goes zombie on other customers, crawls the walls and screams profanities.

It's the only scene worth seeing.

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primalscreamx said...

That's too bad. I kinda like vaguely biblical horror films (The Exorcist, The Prophecy, The Omen, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) and it looked like a cool cast.