Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Please, Make It Stop: Part 20

The only thing more strange to me than some chick thinking the fourth time's the charm for Rush Limbaugh is that Elton John performed at the reception for $1,000,000.

Talk about being a sell-out! And Sir Elton's not much better. [rimshot]


primalscreamx said...

On the bright side, one day a considerable chunk of Limbaugh's fortune may go to another ex-wife who will spend it lavishly on strapping young lads, beautiful shoes and probably alcohol --lots and lots of alcohol.
It's trickle down economics in its best form.

JDB said...

My guess (or hope, really) is that Elton threw out a price so high he figured Rushbo wouldn't pay it and Rush called his bluff. As for Rush - maybe the fourth time's the charm?