Monday, June 21, 2010

2 Guys / 3 Movies

I've always loved talk radio. I listen to national political programs and the shows that focus on the paranormal, but my favorite type of talk radio has a local flavor. I enjoy the community that forms among the callers, and I dig listening about topics with which I'm familiar.

Local radio is all but dead. There are few shows in West Virginia that have survived the commercialization and corporate mergers that vanilla-ized the medium, but I mainly get my talk radio fix now through podcasts. Friends Spike Nesmith and Paul Higginbotham have a terrific show (
which can be found here), and others themed on a specific topic often catch my fancy.

Fellow blogger AllClick recently developed a podcast themed on movies, titled "2 Guys/3 Movies." AllClick invited me to join him in discussing Iron Man 2, The Lovely Bones and Avatar. It was great fun, and I hope to join him regularly.

Here's the show:

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Paige said...

I enjoyed it!

I completely agree on Avatar. And I didn't see Iron Man 2 for some of the reasons you all discussed, but I will definitely check it out on video.

Paul said...

Enjoyed the show! And thanks for the props.