Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live Bloggin' The 2011 Oscars

The Red Carpet Edition:

Just tuned in to E! in time to see Jennifer Lawrence, from Winter's Bone doing the long walk in a beautiful, simple-but-classy red dress. No baubles, no bling. Just awesome! I haven't seen her movie yet, but I hope she wins just so I can watch her walk up to the podium.

. . . Then, the camera switched to E! Red Carpet pre-show co-host Kelly Osbourne. YIKES! The transition was like looking into direct sunlight with unprotected eyes.

I actually looked away from the screen for a few seconds.

The Goodyear Blimp's sold out to the red carpet hoo-ray by scrolling messages about the celebs! Oh! The humanity!

Dear Mila Kunas: The lace-y aspect of your dress is the coolest special effect I've seen on TV or movies this year. I wanna soooooo be your BFF.

Strange interview question / comment #1, from Ryan Seacrest to the mother of Russell Brand: " You must be very proud of your son." And oddly, she answered "Yes, very proud." Strange . . .

Does anyone else think a clean, sober Brand looks a lot like Weird Al Yankovic?

The last time I saw Cate Blancett's dress, it was being worn by one of the princesses in Disney's royal castle.

Kevin Spacey, one of the producers of The Social Network, just gave insightful commentary about how social media like Facebook has given voice to the disenfranchised and voiceless in our world. And it's true. Now, back to figuring out how to get more supplies on Farmville!

Sharon Stone is still alive? Who knew?

One quickly becomes aware of one's place in life if, while blogging in a Lazy-Boy while dressed in sweat pants with mussed-up hair, one's wife makes a he's-so-sexy comment about Justin Timberlake as he's interviewed at the festivities.

This just in: Hilary Swank wins another Academy Award, just because.

Nice to see Matthew McConaughey cleaned up for the event [ahem]

I'm afraid Christian Bale is one role away from living in remote cabin in Montana.

The Opening:

The opening, with Franco and Hathaway inserted into scenes from Best Picture nominees, was terrific. Similar to the bits that made Billy Crystal's hosting gigs from yesteryear so successful. Adding Alec Baldwin was pure genius!

I'm not certain, but it looks like James Franco is [ahem] sedated.

The Awards:

Tom Hanks is half-way through his speech for Achievement in Art Direction, and I'm already thinking about making a sandwich.

Seeing Kirk Douglas always makes me wanna stand and yell: "I'm Spartacus!" Even elderly and ill, I bet Douglas can still kick some ass.

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo is a fine choice, but I thought Hailee Steinfeld really deserved the recognition. Leo comes across in her speech a little pretentious, especially after Douglas' genuine funny. Cue the get-off-stage music.

Best Animated Feature: TOY STORY 3!! TOY STORY 3!! TOY STORY 3!! TOY STORY 3!! [wipes sweat off forehead] I just loved that flick.

Javier Bardeem makes me nervous, what with his good looks and cool-as-hell accent. Now, he pulls off a white tux with no problem at all? Jeez, I wish the guy would just go away.

Adapted Screenplay Award: Adam Sorkin, for The Social Network, takes the award considered the consolation prize for not winning the bigger ones. Sorkin and The Social Network folks can leave early.

Best Supporting Actor: Keeping my fingers crossed for Bale, because that dude will do anything for a role. Anything! And he needs another award to justify his obsessive behavior. I wish Ruffalo wins, though. That guy turns in great role after great role.

My prediction? Bale. The winner: Bale! For The Fighter.

I hope in his next role he plays a guy who is physically and emotionally healthy.

The score for The Social Network was tremendous, and a real testament (along with the film's subject) to how visual art is becoming a young person's medium. Weird thing is seeing Reznor looking and acting like the guy next door as he accepts the trophy.

Every time Matthew McConaughey is on TV, Mrs. Film Geeks sez: "You know, we've touched each other." Yes, dear, . . . I know.

Note to James Franco: Next awards show, take only half the Xanax.

I'm not trying to be mean, but when I see the Cate Blanchett dressed like that, the tune "When you wish upon a star," pops into my head.

The Academy Award Winner for Make-Up: Bringing back the mullett!

Gods Of Love director Luke Matheny was refreshing, not only for his "I shoulda got a haricut," comment, but for the way he views his art. That passion is missing too regularly in big biz flicks.

Oprah!!! Gowd, no. Run, everyone hide.

Loved the banter between Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr. Remember the Wonder Woman-costume-cocaine-hotel fiasco that happened back in 2000? Charlie Sheen can only hope to be as cool as Downey, Jr.

Seriously, who's done more with a 15 minute fame spot than Jennifer Hudson? She has it going on, and did it the right way: hard work, good gig choices, and focus.

I can see it now: Coldplay and Gwyneth Paltrow, One Night Only! in bright lights at the Charleston Civic Center, circa 2020. The arena will be half-full.

People I Didn't Know Were Dead: This year, it was Robert Culp and Lynn Redgrave. Who knew? This is always my favorite part of the Oscar show, and the part that signals we're heading into the home stretch. Sorta like Weekend Update on SNL. Funny thing, my blog blew up during that memorial, with people who apparently didn't know Leslie Nielsen died searching for his info and finding this

Directing: Tom Hooper just said "man-love." Cue Beavis and Butthead cackle.

I wanna be Jeff Bridges! The guy is as cool as you can get, I think. I'm hoping the girl from Winter's Bone wins so I can watch her walk onstage in that red dress. But I'm predicting Natalie Portman. Black Swan was unbelievably good.

Who wants to bet Sandra Bullock doesn't give a shout out to her husband this year?

Best Male Actor: Wish it was Bridges, betting on Colin Firth.

Best Picture: I saw Black Swan, True Grit, The Social Network, Inception, Toy Story 3. But I'm guessing the winner will be a movie I've not yet seen. So, I pick...The King's Speech.

Black Swan deserves it...

But The King's Speech it is. Guess what I'll be renting this week.


Not a bad program, but lacking in excitement for such a strong year in movies. The hosts were mostly OK, but Franco was too laid-back to be asked back next year. Safe telecast, with few surprises.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why the two waiters are getting air time. Crap, they even give out awards.

Anonymous said...

Witty, fast paced dialogue was worthy of the award. Congrat's Sork, but make your speech faster.

Anonymous said...

Waiters may be the second attempt at the Academy's effort to reach the post 30 year old audience.

Anonymous said...

While Film Geek was thinking of his first sandwich, Anonymous was actually eating one. Had to choke down several bites inspite of lousy opening dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Geek calls supporting actor. But Christian, the carpet ain't matchin' the drapes. Touching end to the speech.

JD Byrne said...

Did Bale whiff on his wife's name?!

Anonymous said...

Roger Ebert Tweets "I'm even beginning to feel nostalgic about Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White."

The Film Geek said...

Anonymous: Is it a loose meat sammich?

JD: He did, he did.

JD Byrne said...

Yup, Trent cleans up pretty good.

Anonymous said...

JD, I thought so, too. Must be that new script occupying all the brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Geek, stick to the flick remarks and spitwads and leave my diet out of it.

Anonymous said...

Give Kevin Spacey a shot at hosting next year.

JD Byrne said...

No discussion of movies songs is complete without mentioning "Uncle Fucker," as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Newman - he was that guy that sang "Short People"

Anonymous said...

Speech too long? Bring back the Gong Show Shephard's Crook and The Unknown Comic. "Hey Chucky Baby!"

Anonymous said...

I think the live short film winner snuck in a thanks to Film Geek. Will have to replay DVR for confirmation.

The Film Geek said...

I dug his hair!

Anonymous said...

The crowd pleades "Please Billy, finish out this broadcast!"

Anonymous said...

Angus still looks pretty good after all those years in AC/DC.

Anonymous said...

Geek feverishly scanning Youtube selections for appropriate Lennon/Muppet video to salvage the love between the audience and Franco

Anonymous said...

prediction: Randy Newman will get another Oscar nomination in a couple years for singing the same song.

The Film Geek said...

Steve, that's a funny line, but I like Newman's songs. They always make me cry.

Anonymous said...

Newman is a Nawlin's boy.

Anonymous said...

Fitting... The King's Speech Director gives a great speech.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Eli Wallach - take a bow. And keep working.

Anonymous said...

How about Brian Eno and David Byrne for the Wall Street 2 soundtrack? Better than Paltrow!

Anonymous said...

Geek calls it again. Glad Collin won, not only for his great acceptance speech but also because of his work this year.

Anonymous said...

Oscar producers, please find adults to host next year. The films deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Check it out Geek, I'll be watching for a review on King's Speech.

The Film Geek said...

Tru dat!