Monday, April 25, 2011

Get Low

Although we pretend not to care much of the time, most of us would like to know for sure what others really think of us. Not the things people say to our face, which are mostly polite and superficial. We wanna know the real things that real people -- especially the people we care about most -- think about us as we walk through life's journey.

And as much as we want to know what others think of us, sometimes we have things we want to say to others.Things we need to get off our chest. Things we feel we gotta say before we take that final breath.

Some of us do that in a poetic, soulful way.

Others, like Get Low's Felix Bush and me, do it in a more socially awkward, pensive manner.

Like Bush, played masterfully by Robert Duvall, there are things I'd like to say to some folks before I get put under. Unlike Bush, however, I'm not gonna hold a Alive Funeral Party to serve as the gathering place for me to vent all that stuff off my chest.

I'm much more likely to write it in a long blogpost. Where no one will ever read it anyway.

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Ian C. said...

This was one of my favorite movies I saw last year. Not only for the reasons you mentioned, but I liked that Felix kind of turned a mirror on all the people of the town, too.

Great cast, touching story.