Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What My Girlfriend Wore To The Prom

You had me at "hi"
Then I saw the flow'rs on top.
All's I thought was: "bye"

By Dave Hogan, Getty Images


fishing guy said...

TFG: I don't think the dress was that bad it's just the rediculas hat.

Buzzardbilly said...

Wow. Is the Carmen Miranda look coming back? Please tell me it's not.

On second thoughts, I think she must've lost a bet with Kim Catrell and been forced to wear the super fashion nerd headgear.

Jackie said...

Is it Haiku season already!?!?
Cause if it is:

Film Geek and Haiku
Two of my favorite things
All I see are tits...

The Film Geek said...

It is, Jackie. Started May 12th!

Tits are fine and all
Although I'm more an ass man
That hat really blows!