Monday, March 23, 2009

The Joke Must Be Lost On Me

I'm all about a good comedy, and love Will Ferrell flicks. But, was I the only kid who thought the best Saturday show of the 70s--Land Of The Lost--was supposed to be in the "scary adventure" genre?

Cheesy, sure. But not a comedy.

Like this:


Read Me said...

The few times I happened to see Land of the Lost on TV in the 1970s, I was about four or five years old and it was so scary that I had to avert my eyes and ears -- go to another room or turn the channel. I was kind of lame that way. I'm glad someone else thought it was scary.

Stanton said...

I can watch Will Ferrell for 2 hours and never even chuckle. He more disgusts me than entertains me. And I really wonder how otherwise intelligent people can think he is anything like funny.

Maybe your IQ rose a few notches, Geeky, and you have now entered the same zone of enlightenment in which I have always resided. Welcome.

The Film Geek said...


Must be due to a buildup of serotonin from all the slaw we've eaten on our WV hot dogs.

Oddly(or, perhaps, sadly), I'm really bugged about this movie. LOTL should be an adventure, not a comedy.

Paul Higginbotham said...

Look at it this way, Film Geek: they'll screw it up regardless of how they do it so it's of no concern to us LOTL fans.

bionicbigfoot said...

Great. Another red box movie.

Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to this too :(


The Film Geek said...

Read Me: The Sleestack scared me to death!

Paul: I like the perspective. Hope I can use it.

BB: I'll see it in the theater. Just won't like it.

Buzzardbilly said...

I had a teacher in high school everyone called Sleestack. Her head was seriously pointy.

I tried to watch the HBO Will Ferrell Bush thingy the other night and only made it in 20 minutes. I think he's fallen into the ham pot a little too often and is hammier than my tastes now.

I say that, and then he'll do something that surprises me. But, Universal will get the great new ride for the theme parks out of this movie and they'll probably sell a shitload to parents of kids who can't get enough dinosaurs. So, it's good for the economy to destroy perfectly good cheese that way? I don't know. I like cheese. Just not that gov'ment kind that Reagan sent out to us.