Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Rabbit Hole

It's probably cliche to begin with a discussion of how immense the pain resulting from the death of one's child would be. It's almost an unimaginable consideration, sort of like the "Who created God?" puzzle that ten year olds play with at night when they can't fall asleep.

"What would I do if..." I start, but can't finish. As if my simply uttering the rest of the sentence would put the act in motion.

Cliche or not, this is the perspective The Rabbit Hole brings to the audience. Lead by Nicole Kidman, who also produced the film, The Rabbit Hole takes the audience into the horrific world of parents who suffer from the death of their child.

A world where pleasure and recreation are avoided. Where any focus shifted off of grief and loss is met with guilt. A world inhabited by regular people trying to work through extraordinary circumstances. The sort of circumstances people should never, ever, have to face.

Thankfully, Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart go through it for me. With brilliance, with grace, and with authenticity.

One of the gems found in The Rabbit Hole is the relationship formed between Kidman's character and the teen who accidentally killed her son. It's a fragile relationship, and beautiful to watch evolve. Miles Teller is amazing in the role of Jason; his teen is angelic and angst, simultaneously.

I can't ponder the question, but I can watch others act out the experience and learn from it. And it's a lesson I never want to experience in real life.

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